The Mayi Kuwayu Study has been created by and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The Mayi Kuwayu Study looks at how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wellbeing is linked to our cultures.

Mayi Kuwayu is a powerful response to community concerns about the lack of understanding of the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. We are the first to do a national study on our cultures and wellbeing.

We ask you to do a survey every few years and ask you about your culture and your wellbeing each time. We do this so that we can understand what changes for you, your family and your community over time.

The Mayi Kuwayu team is majority Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. We also have strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander governance. The Mayi Kuwayu Study follows Indigenous Data Sovereignty Principles, meaning that you own all your survey data.

"Every generation stands on the shoulders of the last generation. So you and me stand on the shoulders of giants. That's why we're here" - Ulladulla focus group participant.

Watch Gamilaraay sisters Thelma Plum and Mikala Sedgwick talk about the importance of culture for wellbeing.

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