New Studies

Kulay Kalingka Study

The Kulay Kalingka Study will monitor and inform improvements in cancer outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples against Cancer Australia’s National Cancer Control Indicators. The study will provide data about our experiences of cancer where no data currently exists.

This ground breaking national study is asking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples about cancer beliefs and attitudes, experiences, engagement with cancer screening programs, cancer treatment, cancer diagnosis, and caring responsibilities.

For more information about the study, please click here.

ACT belonging project

Dr Sarah Bourke will soon be embarking on a project currently titled ‘Where we belong: Connecting Indigenous identity and well-being in the city’. This proposed three-year project aims to grow and diversify our understanding of belonging from an Indigenous standpoint through an in-depth qualitative, place-based, community-determined exploration of what it means to belong and be well for Indigenous peoples in the urban environment.

The project’s central hypothesis is that those with a greater sense of belonging to the place/s and community/ies where they live and/or are ancestrally connected to experience better health and well-being outcomes and are more empowered to lead a ‘good life’, however they define it.

Art - Discovery Program

Yukaaywa Purrary

Yukaaywa Purrary, which means ‘tracking our children’ in Ngiyampaa language, is an emerging Study that will generate the critical evidence needed to inform policy changes to improve the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people, their family and kin, and their communities, across generations.

There is evidence to show that strong cultural identity formation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people has a positive effect on social development. However, there is a void of evidence regarding how connection to culture together with identity formation and neurodevelopment influence the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people. The Yukaaywa Purrary Study will address this gap.