Can I access the data?

“Can I access the data?”

Individuals or organisations can request access to data from the Mayi Kuwayu (MK) Study. The approval process is governed by the MK Study Governance Committee.

Every individual who will be analysing data from the MK Study will require a license. Applicants will be required to outline and justify the variables required for analysis.

Any person wishing to use data from the MK Study must:

  • Complete a Data Access Application (form available in 2019).
  • Complete a Variable Request Form (form available in 2019).
  • Provide proof of ethics approval for analysis of MK Study data from an NHMRC-recognised committee.
  • Pay a license fee, if applicable (see fee structure below).
  • Email the application documents to mkstudy@anu.edu.au, with “Data access request” in the subject of the email.

Data access will be available after baseline data collection is complete. Full details on data access arrangements will be available in 2019. Further information will be provided about the process for accessing linked data, as this becomes available.

In addition, the MK Study can run data analysis for organisations at a consultancy rate, subject to Governance Committee approval. Please contact MK Study at mkstudy@anu.edu.au for details.

Fee structure

License fees may apply for use of data from the MK Study. The fee will depend on the type of organisation applying, the intended research, and the number of variables requested. The fee structure for using data from the MK Study will be made available in 2019.