Can I access the data?

"Can I use the Mayi Kuwayu data?"

Individuals or organisations can request to use data from the Mayi Kuwayu Study. The approval process is governed by the Mayi Kuwayu Data Governance Committee (MKDGC).

Applicants will be required to outline and justify the variables required for analysis according to Indigenous Data Sovereignty principles.

Any person wishing to use data from the Mayi Kuwayu Study must:

•  Complete a Data Application request. 

•  Indicate how the request addresses the Maiam nayri Wingara Indigenous Data Sovereignty principles. 

•  Provide proof of ethics approval for analysis of Mayi Kuwayu Study data from an NHMRC-recognised committee. (In special circumstances a letter of support from your organisation’s Council or Board may be enough)

•  Pay a license fee, if applicable.

•  Email the application documents to

In addition, the Mayi Kuwayu Study can conduct the data analysis for your organisation at a consultancy rate, subject to MKDGC approval. Please contact for details.

Fee structure

Anyone wanting to use Mayi Kuwayu Study survey indicators/questions from the Study will require a license, contact

The fee will depend on the type of organisation applying, the intended research, and the number of variables requested. The fee structure for using data from the Mayi Kuwayu Study will be discussed at the time of application.