Can I use the questionnaire items?

“Can I use the Mayi Kuwayu Study questionnaire items?”

The survey for the Mayi Kuwayu (MK) Study was developed through extensive consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across the country between 2014 and 2017. A license is required to use MK Study questionnaire items Q4-Q12, Q14-Q27, Q49, Q93-Q94, Q103-Q104, and Q107-Q110 because these were developed through the Study. Use of these questionnaire items without an appropriate license is not allowed.

Full details on the licensing arrangements will be available in 2019.

Any person wishing to use the MK questionnaire items listed above must:

  • Complete a License Access Application (form available in 2019).
  • Pay a license fee, if applicable (see fee structure below).
  • Email the application documents to mkstudy@anu.edu.au, with “Questionnaire item request” in the subject of the email.

Fee structure

A license fee may apply for use of MK questionnaire items. The fee will depend on the type of organisation applying, and the proposed number of participants to be surveyed using the MK questionnaire items. The fee structure for using questionnaire items will be available in 2019.